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    More sketch cards

    Having fun with these. 




    Color Sketch Cards

    It's been years since I pulled out my Prismacolor markers and did any coloring on actual paper (I don't do much coloring, but what coloring I do is usually done digitally).  But I'm headed to Heroes Con in a couple of weeks, and will be doing sketch cards there, so i figured I'd take the markers and play around with a little color.  Here are some I did for practice.

    I'm working on a deadline at the moment, so I can't take any full commissions in advance of Heroes Con, but if anyone is going to be there and wants to arrange a sketch card commission in advance, you can email me (you can use the "contact me" window on the left) and we'll work something out.  Prices will be between $5 and $15, depending on what you want by way of subject, pencils, inks, colors, etc., and I will be giving some away free with a $10 purchase of books from either me or my table-mate PKD Media.



    New Promo Page for Hometown Heroes

    Check it out!


    Small Press Idol Round 3

    My entry (with writer/co-creator Chris Barker) for the 2009 Small Press Idol has made it through to round 3, which started today. This round involved a 3 page sample of the full comic, which we submitted, and which is now up for voting.

    We need the help of all of our friends, in the form of your votes for this round. Of the 20 remaining projects only THREE will move on to round 4. We finished sixth in round two, so we really need EVERYONE to click on the link below, and select YES in the poll at the top of that thread. Go back and do it EVERY DAY until June 8 when this round ends. I promise, this is the last time we'll be asking for your daily commitment. In round 4, the winner is determined by sales of the 12 page sample issue (no voting, just going in and buying the issue).

    Here's the link to vote for round 3.


    And here are our three sample pages.  You can download these by clicking our logo in the forum linked above, but due to bandwidth, they downsized the images somewhat (not complaining - they had to do it, and they did it to all the entries equally), so here are some higher res samples for your perursal!



    Sketch Cards

    I've been getting into doing some sketch cards lately, which I did for the first time at the Steel City Con in April.  I'm having fun with them.