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    Again with the Sketch Cards

    Two cards I finished tonight:

    And some from this past weekend





    Tonight's sketch card

    I tried coloring with colored pencil.  It has its advantages but for my work I don't think I like the end result as much as with the markers.


    More new sketch card...

    Tonight's card: supergirl


    New Sketch Cards

    New Ones:


    And here are two that were revamped at Heroes Con.  Added the halo to Kitty and the color to C3PO



    Heroes Con 2009!

    I had an absolute blast at Heroes Con 2009.  This was my first year there.  I shared a table with Shawn Pryor of PKD Media, Dave Dwonch, and John "Super Ugly" Williams.  We had a great spot and it was fun the whole weekend.  I did more sketches than I have at any other con, and lots and lots of sketch cards.  Here are some short video comments, and a couple selected sketches I did.  More pictures and almost all of my sketches from the weekend can be found in the Heroes Con picture gallery I put up in the photo galleries section of this site.


    Day 1 video

    Day 2 video


    Day 3 video



    And here are a couple of my sketches: