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    I'm an attorney living and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I am also a lifelong comic book fan, and my hobby is drawing comic book art.  

    My first comic work was published in 2007.  Since that time, I've done numerous comic art projects, including:

    -Baby Boomers: A hilarious comic featuring two babies who fight each other "spy vs. spy" style over multiple 3-5 page chapters.  Released in a full 100-page trade paperback from Markosia (still available at

    -Mercury & the Murd: I did four issues of this buddy-cop comedy series released by PKD Media between 2008 and 2010. 

    -Hometown Heroes: A 12 page story submitted to the 2009 Small Press Idol competition (we reached the semi-finals).

    -Short Stack - I did two different short horror stories which were included in "Short Stack" anthologies from Angry Gnome comics (still available for purchase at

    -FRACTURE - I pencilled seven issues (in two volumes) of this dark comedy set in a superhero world, released from 2011 to 2014 by Action Lab Entertainment, and still available on comixology or straight from Action Lab at

    -Globworld - I did the pencils and inks for issue 2 of this family-friendly series with an anti-bullying message.  Released in 2012 by Action Lab Entertainment and available digitally on Comixology.

    -NFL Rush Zone - I did a very short section of artwork for the NFL Rush Zone comic, released in 2013 by Action Lab Entertainment and available on Comixology or straight from Action Lab at

    -Sketch Cards:  I've also done quite a lot of sketch card work for a number of companies from 2009 to the present, including Monsterwax, Cryptozoic, 5Finity, Rittenhouse Archives, Sadlittles, and others.